Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dowling College's First Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

The conference on Friday was a complete success! Thank you to all of those involved and a special thanks to all of the presenters, including our keynote speaker, Harvey Cormier from Stony Brook University. I hope you all had as much fun as I did! The following is a list of the presenters and their respective paper titles, as well as some photos that were taken:

Steven Broadbent (Utah Valley University): A Structure of Discontents
Respondent: Steven Licardi (Stony Brook University)

Cameron Smith (Belmont University): Four Forms of Skepticism
Respondent: Konrad Grossman (Stony Brook University)

Christine Traini (DePaul University): Irrationality Destroying Freedom
Respondent: Alycia Laguardia (Stony Brook University)

Majid Razvi (Virginia Commonwealth University): Moral Properties: Embracing the Queerness of Emergence
Respondent: Steven Broadbent (Utah Valley University)

Harvey Cormier  (Stony Brook University)
Pragmatism after Rorty

Joseph Centrelli (Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania): Schopenhauer and Eastern Philosophy
Respondent: Tricia Magalotti (Northern Michigan University)

Tricia Magalotti (Northern Michigan University): Heidegger on Truth
Respondent: Thomas Was (Stony Brook University)

Steven Licardi (Stony Brook University): The Mind of God
Respondent: Majid Razvi (Virgina Commonwealth University)

Photos by Dr. Christian Perring.


  1. First post.

    I had a great time! I'm glad that this conference was put together. Thanks Adam!

  2. Truly an awesome experience! Everyone had such incredible presentations, I certainly won't forget this.

    Thanks for everything Adam!